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An Old Story

Stop the Post Office

Harkening back to that august period during the first world war, when Woodrow Wilson authorized the postmaster, Albert S. Burleson, to peek into the mail and halt anything he felt was seditious, (see Espionage Act of 1917, and especially the Sedition Act of 1918) killing distribution of important socialist magazines like The Masses, the Postal “Service”, this time out, is raising rates for small publishers. What this means is that independent magazines like The Nation, struggling as they do with small budgets, suddenly find themselves confronted with an exorbitant cost increase.

If you can, please help the Nation by contributing, here. Also please click on the above stamp to join the campaign to maintain freedom of speech for small independent and progressive magazines.

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At MLG last year


KB just sent me this pic from last year’s MLG. Apparently an MLG photo album may be forthcoming, which would of course be great. I also appreciate that this picture, taken surreptitiously, includes PF, who for reasons only the marxist gods might fathom, appears in all photos with myself at the MLG.

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grad unions a must

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Public Service Announcement

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Back from the Marxist Literary Group


The Summer Institute is over, and I hope to resume regularly posting again. I gave a paper on Jack London and received a lot of nice feedback from people who heard our panel. K gave a good paper on the dialectic. Jetsam also gave a really good paper on post-fordist literature. It was a solid conference.

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The Fourth Estate

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At work writing my presentation for the MLG summer institute today.

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