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“I’m Batman”

A good film helps us see things differently. Watch Alfred Hitchcock‘s Vertigo (1958) and then watch the ending of Tim Burton‘s Batman (1989). The scene where the Joker is dancing with Vicki Vale as Batman ascends the bell tower is a Vertigo citation.

The Joker can be read as John “Scottie” Ferguson’s obsessive side, or as Madeleine’s husband, Gavin Elster. A viewer might think of Batman ascending the bell tower as Scottie getting to climb up and again try to do it right. Who is Batman, anyway, if not a compulsive attempting to heal the trauma of his parents’ murder by interrupting other murders?

Those who think Gotham is New York have it all wrong. It’s California in more ways than one.

Here’s Faith No More, with an overt(igo) quote:


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