Capitalist Religion

August 16, 2007 at 2:41 pm Leave a comment

Capitalism, in its present stage, pushes to the extreme and generalizes the tendency to separation that was already present in religion. Where sacrifice once marked the passage from the profane to the sacred, and vice versa, there now stands a single multiple ceaseless process of separation that assails everything, every place, every person, every human activity, in order to divide it from itself. In its extreme form the capitalist religion realizes the pure form of separation without anything left to separate. An absolute profanation without remainder now coincides with an equally vacuous and total consecration. Everything is done, produced, or left [?], even the human body, even of course sexuality, even language is now divided from itself and dislocated into a separate sphere that no longer defines any substantive division, sacred and profane, but in which all use becomes impossible.

This entry is a teaser, for those teased by such things. I’m going to have a series of entries on Agamben shortly.

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Entry filed under: Agamben, Critical Theory, Georgio Agamben.

Lil Wayne Malcolm X

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