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Kucinich Update 12/24/07


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Kucinich Campaign Update 12/17/07

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Paper Planes

It was Malcolm X’s answer, that the Presidents death was a case of “chickens coming home to roost” — that the violence that Kennedy had failed to stop had come back to him

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why didn’t the register let Dennis debate?

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Polling in Early States

Here’s the latest on Obama and Clinton from

The grassroots movement continues to grow every day, and Obama continues to move forward in the early states.

Today, two polls indicate that the race is closer than ever in New Hampshire. According to a CNN poll, “Clinton has dropped 5 percentage points since the CNN/WMUR November survey, while Obama has gained 8 percentage points, according to the poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center. Clinton is now at 31 percent to Obama’s 30 percent.”

And according to a Rasmussen poll also released today, Obama is leading Clinton among likely primary voters in New Hampshire, 31% to 28%.

Meanwhile, a Strategic Vision poll that will be released tomorrow shows Obama strengthening his lead in Iowa. According to MSNBC, the poll shows Obama at 33% compared to Clinton at 25% and Edwards at 24%.

And in case you missed it, yesterday, an Insider Advantage poll showed Barack leading Clinton in South Carolina, 28% to 22%.

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vote your heart

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Obama and Oprah in South Carolina and Iowa

Obama seems to be in what the pundits repeatedly call a “statistical dead-heat” with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps he’s slightly ahead or behind in the early states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina). In any event, he owned the news cycle over the weekend. The question has been what effect the Oprah factor will have on Obama’s chances. You can see from the first video below, in any event, that people came out to see them.

Now I’m four-square for Kucinich, but in the event of a choice between Obama and Clinton, the choice is pretty easy (see video #2, below).

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