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Obama HQ Behind the Scenes


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from Cleveland

American Splendor 1

From the town that brought us Dennis Kucinich, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and the Indians: American Splendor. Harvey Pekar‘s fantastic underground comic is commemorated in this week’s filmclub pic, American Splendor.

What is splendid in American Splendor is the film’s commitment to the confusion of multiple frames: Cleveland, comic, movie, character, realism, nerd-life, disgruntlement, and marriage. Pekar might object to the romanticism, but one recalls Roethke‘s existential question. Which I is I?

The answer, it turns out, is a flawed but compelling character whose claim to comic genius, played straight, captures the pulp fabric of the Cleveland quotidian. It ain’t yuppie. Warm like a worn flannel, that’s the stuff. But put that flannel on jazz and you get closer. Paint the sky slate, and you’re closer yet. Shuffle your feet. Diner. File Clerk. Retirement. Friends.

The realistic virtue of Dreiser‘s Jennie Gerhardt is extolled. Revenge of the Nerds is panned. Pekar lives between the heron and the wren. It’s in this rust-belt rummage through comic pages that the story of a working Joe like Harvey cracks a grin-like grimace, the faint goddamn! of finding himself in frames.

Raccoon’s write-up is here.

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In addition to the kick-ass song, what I love about this clip is the way that Sepultura pulls an un-John Kerry and goes to help the dude being hassled by security. They’re scheduled to have a new album in 2008. In the meantime, I hope to review a Sepultura album ever Monday starting next week (march 3rd) with Morbid Visions (1986). For die-hards I have to apologize: I don’t have the Bestial Devastation (1985) split EP with fellow Brazilians Overdose. Alas! The Roadrunner reissue of Morbid Visions includes the tracks from the Devastation EP anyway, so not a huge loss.

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Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

I managed to find a copy of the legendary Situationist film Can Dialectics Break Bricks? at Quimby’s. What a treat! It appears they were practicing detournement long before Adbusters. If you’d like to see the film please let me know!

Here’s a bit of it:

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wish fulfillment

Dazed and Confused is a film that manages to perform the way high school should have been. The liberal nerd punches his aggressor and despite losing the fight, averts years of wishing he had gotten his lick in. His brainy compatriot overcomes shyness to begin a relationship with a cute freshman. The token dealer never manages to come to any harm, and the quarterback refuses to sign a bullshit pledge that he’ll abstain from drugs and alcohol. The hazed young men get girlfriends and get even with some of the overzealous upperclassmen who had hazed them. Nobody in fact comes to serious harm. Nobody. And this shimmering world hangs for the ensemble like a puff of late-adolescent freedom.

Someone speculates that maybe the 80s will be cool? We know better.

Raccoon’s write-up is here.

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soooo excited!!!!

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boys suck at logic, nonsexism.


Found this at feministing.

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