Morbid Visions

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Morbid Visions

From the standpoint of minimal production, Sepultura‘s Morbid Visions (1986) comfortably resides in the unfinished tradition of pseudo-satanic death-rattle. In fact it’s a tasty death metal/thrash offering. Redolent of promise, Max Cavalera‘s growl sounds great, and the breakneck rhythms pounded by his brother Igor are incessant and satisfying. Blissful contusion abounds.

The lyrics are predictably silly. Here’s Morbid Visions:

The Roman empire has crucified the messiah
The bestial power has sacrificed your Gods
Feared by this power, the cross he’ll carry
And visions of destruction, this night you’ll see
Crucified, killed, buried
Sacrificed messiah
Kneeled down, blood stained
The cristians, today they still cry
But the bastards adore images
Remembrances from the past, from the crucifixion
Rotting christ, nailed to the cross
From the semen of the mankind
We’ll spread our seed
And we’ll show to the devoted
The truth, painful truth
Cry preachers
Because your Gods has forgotten
The antichrist there is to prove
Death and destruction will still reign

Well, the guys were learning English at the time. And the lyrics hardly detract from the overall impression, especially as they are chiefly unintelligible.

It’s the outset of a great career.

Key cuts: Mayhem, Funeral Rites, Troops of Doom (far less produced than the familiar version on Schizophrenia (1987), and Empire of the Damned.

Here’s Troops:

and live:


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