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Running on Sat the 3rd

Ping Tom Park

I’ll be running my first 5k bright and early. Today A, J, and I ran to Ping Tom park (pictured above) in the rain. Good times!



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The New New-Wave

Saturdays = Youth

I just quickly want to mention that M83‘s new album Saturdays = Youth is really great. Sweet-sad synth textures to the tune of lost youth in progress. If LCD Soundsystem‘s Sound of Silver is about waking up in your 30s, Saturdays is about the dream just prior.

It’s the kind of album that helps you to feel happily pained to still be alive. Affect of The Verve‘s bittersweet symphony, but more experimental. Midnight Souls Still Remain, for example, manages to compellingly alternate between two tones for 11 minutes. And yet a pop sensibility animates the album as a whole. Witness Graveyard Girl, the first single:

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Greenwash Guerrillas Pie Thomas Friedman on Earth Day

Info at youtube:

Thomas Friedman, the author and NY Times columnist, was invited to Brown University to give a keynote speech on Earth Day, before a packed auditorium. His talk, titled “Green is the new Red White and Blue” was about how corporate environmentalism (based on putting a price on the atmosphere, and investing in biofuels and techno-fixes) can restore America to its “natural place in the global order.” Luckily, this outrageous neoliberal capitalist propaganda was interrupted with a suprise visit from the Greenwash Guerrillas. Leaflets were thrown to the crowd, stating:


Thomas Friedman deserves a pie in the face…

* because of his sickeningly cheery applaud for free market capitalism’s conquest of the planet

* for telling the world that the free market and techno fixes can save us from climate change. From carbon trading to biofuels, these distractions are dangerous in and of themselves, while encouraging inaction with respect to the true problems at hand.

* for helping turn environmentalism into a fake plastic consumer product for the privileged

* For his long-standing support for the US Occupation of Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Such committed support to the US War Machine and its proxy states overseas cannot be masked behind any twisted mask of “green” – the US Military is the largest single emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

* for his pure arrogance.
On behalf of the earth and all true environmentalists — we, the Greenwash Guerrillas, declare Thomas Friedman’s “Green” as fake and toxic to human and planetary health as the cool-whip covering his face.

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Dissertation, The Movie

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Planet B-boy: France

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This week filmclub traveled to the remarkable land of Maya Deren‘s experimental short films. Bodies were placed and timed at the beach, dancing in space, and performing a rendition of what seemed to be a variation on the yellow wallpaper theme: crawling sisters amidst male violence.

The knife was a key;
both exit bodily.

Deren’s camera flows to new experiential planes. The tide is made to recede by coming in. Rearing forward from bourgeois chess to tidal pool, a meandering rook takes the lyric route out. And we follow. We the camera.

It can be sexy. Or existential:  the strangeness of body, molar-lunar, the just arrived of not trying to be somewhere.

I dig it.

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McCAIN Skrull–Variant Cover

McCain Skrull Variant Cover

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