Strange Hours

April 6, 2008 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment


One of the pleasures of blogging is the way that the content of one’s posts always manages to reflect the author, of course, but also changes over time as one tries to figure out what it is one is trying to say in the blog. For myself it’s usually less that I want to record a thought, or happening, than that I’ve stumbled upon something interesting to share with the friends who stop by to check out what’s going on with me.

The new look of the blog has me not only thinking about who I write for, what it means to be using this space to communicate, but also what it is that I’m trying to get across. And in part the new look has its own message for readers, another layer of content. It’s softer. The colors are almost pastel; the hard stuff of dates has been relegated to the end of posts; the rigid right angles of the box banners have been curved. This is what I want my blog to reflect, a space that feels comfy and where all the hard stuff can be jettisoned. Where I can recline in those curves and indulge with friends about whatever comes to mind.

In the recent past that has mostly entailed clips from youtube. These may still occasionally show up, but I want to write more now. I hope to use this space more like a diary (albeit with all the benefits of Web 2.0) and in a way that manages to be engaging for people who don’t spend the majority of their time between my ears. Here’s your ticket, all aboard!

So the blog is a train. Lots of cars with different linked things. We can go back and look at the early entries on naturalism, the endless posts on the democratic field, the shame files, occasional film notes, and those posts, like this one, written after I’d managed to wake up at 2 in the afternoon and felt the most urgent business of the day was to get to my blog. It’s not narcissism to love this space. I don’t drown in it, and my therapist would tell you I’m plenty aware of my short comings, many of which are here on display.

So there’s the therapy angle, too. But it occurs to me that what i most want my blog to be is nothing more nor less than an extended love letter to shared space, with friends, and some strangers, at a particular moment of time. It’s quite something to blog.


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