Larp Documentary — Monster Camp

May 7, 2008 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

Hey, they’re in it for the culture. Who doesn’t want to escape the tedium of selling your labor to fight and band with relatively safe, similarly alienated people. I’ve not yet seen Monster Camp, and it might be too much to call it a priority, exactly, but one wonders…

My live action experience is limited to one Vampire session on the creative arts floor of my undergrad institution. I had smoke blown in my face by a zealous toreador who really had it in for tremere. If not thoroughly non-plussed, I was at least less than impressed. But I get the urge, and approve of counter public spheres as always in some way containing a utopian impulse. There’s plenty of regressive feudal wish fulfilment present, alas, too. As Dani Filth puts it, “I still played vampire aristocrat.”


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