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WoW comic: NoObz!

noob comic


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I don’t watch Heroes, but I do listen to Scott Johnson’s World of Warcraft podcast The Instance. The above comic is his, and perhaps mirrors Raccoon‘s sentiments on the new season. For myself, I’ll stick to daredevil and black panther.

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my twitter account

is hparti1.

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key to uncle tom's cabin

I’m now comfortably situated at D’s place. I have two learned feline colleagues. Here’s the daily plan: coffee, trip to the park (nice mulch and dirt trail), 2 though possibly more laps, return, lunch, read Stowe and write until D gets home from work around 6:30. Simple and beautiful as that.

I’m currently reading Stowe’s Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It’s a dossier on slavery, ostensibly to support her critique in UTC. Court records, newspaper excerpts, personal letters, various testimonials. It is a portmanteau book about the horrors of antebellum jurisprudence.

The full text is here.

I’d like to note the passing of David Foster Wallace. I enjoyed his work in The Atlantic and the excerpts Raccoon read at the dinner table. He will be missed.

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To Austin!

Austin Skyline

I’m headed to Austin for a month to visit a dear friend, read: Lenin, Badiou, Zizek, Goran Therborn, Jameson, Stowe, and Ellen Meiksins Wood, play with the dissertation, and post about the aforesaid from time to time.

Thus the blog will offer what I hope will prove a regular stream of letters from the Austin office.

Some people pack clothes; I pack a spectacular number of books. I won’t get through them all. In fact, I’ll be lucky to get through a quarter of them. And yet…it’s the promise that maybe I just might that leads me to load down with 1 more…just 1 more…tome size book.

If I could carry on a bookcase…

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Nabokov on his “baboon,” Humbert Humbert

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Amy Goodman arrested at the Republican National Convention.

In the video below, Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, is led away by the US policestate’s finest. Goodman was covering protests of the Republican’s national convention in Minneapolis.

In Beijing, reporters were recently packed into police vehicles for covering protests of Chinese human rights violations. Despite the condescension toward China in olympic coverage from the kept press, it would appear that the same abuse takes place at home.

The host of Democracy Now in prison provides an apt metaphor for the state of US civil liberties.

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